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January 4, 2015
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January 14, 2015

How to eat healthy slowly but surely


There is exercising to lose weight, and then there is eating correctly to lose weight. Which is more powerful?  Eating correctly is the most powerful thing you can do to lose weight.  Getting in shape is 70%  what you eat.  The correct way to eat is to cut out all process carbohydrates, like white bread, white rice, white pasta, and all the other factory made wheat based food.  You should replace those foods with brown carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.  The meats you eat should be all lean meats, and they should be cooked by grilling, broiling, boiling the meat. You should stay away from fried meat and also meats that are cooked in oil. The type of drinks that you drink should not be high sugary drinks.  You should look at the label on the drink and pick a drink that you like with the lowest calories.  I know the plan is always easier than the execution.  One way to help yourself begin eating healthy without going all in, if your finding it difficult, is to replace parts of your meal and make it better.  You may not change anything else from your diet but everyday pick one meal and make whatever you normally eat make one part of the ingredient you eat healthier.  If you are eating cheese for the particular meal, change that cheese to low fat cheese.  Start small, then continue to build on the change that you make.

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