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January 2, 2015
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January 6, 2015

Why is exercising so hard?


“I don’t feel like exercising”, “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”, “I’ll start next week”.  These are some of the excuses that we tell ourselves to get out of exercising.  Well why is exercising so HARD???!!!!  There are a few reasons and I am going to help you get through them.

1) You don’t have goals.  You should have long terms and short term goals.  I want to lose 30 lbs, I want to lose 3 inches off my waist in 6 months are examples of long term goals.  Now what about short term goals?  I want to be able to do 20 push ups, I want to be able to run a mile without stopping, I want to raise my bench press 20 lb in 1 month are examples of good short term goals.  You can even have shorter goals, accomplishments week to week.  When you can experience success in the short term it is a stimulus that pushes you to reach your long term goal.

2)What about your friends?  Talk more fitness with your friends.  If your friends don’t like to talk about fitness, find some friends that do.  The gym is a good place to find friends that may like to have a fitness conversation.  You can even challenge your friend or a group of friends to a push up contest, or a sit up contest etc.

3) You are not losing any weight.  Well there could be a few reasons for that!  Check your diet you may need to eliminate some fatty foods. You are not building muscle, check out the muscle building formula post.  You may not be doing enough cardio.  Your body may be changing but you cannot see the difference, so I recommend that you take a before and after picture. SELFIE!!!  Sometimes you may have trimmed a little fat off the thigh, or arm, or a little bit off the love handles.

4) You are always out and about.  Well if you are single and mingling or you are currently dating someone,  but you constantly find yourself at a restaurant, or a movie eating that popcorn with extra butter. You need to incorporate fitness dates! You and your partner should go do some form of physical activity together.  It can be walking in the park, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boats, dance class, etc.  They are most times cheaper than going out to restaurants, and they are also ROMANTIC!!!!

5) Are you tracking your progress?  You have set goals and you are working towards those goals. Well are you working hard enough??? Maybe have you surpassed your goal and need to update your goals??? How do you know?  You need to have a time limit on your goals.  You want to run a mile in 1 month or 2 years, that makes a big difference right???!!!  If you are able to run a mile in a month you can update your goal to run 2 miles the next month. If you were  not able to accomplish your goal within that time, you can find out what went wrong and give it another go.  Having a goal and a time limit motivates you to put in maximum effort.

6) Do fun exercises.  Do you hate redundant, repetitive motion?  Well you need to find exercises that you like.  Find a competitive sport, kickboxing, basketball, volleyball etc. Try jump roping, swimming, etc. You can switch up the exercise routine, do high intensity exercises, such as crossfit, or sprints combine with walks, run up stairs, or a hill, etc. Try to beat a time when you are exercising, make a exercise routine and give yourself a time limit to finish that routine. The most useful thing you can do is GET A CREATIVE WORKOUTS, OUT THE BOX, DVD!!!!!  They are a lot of FUN!!!

7)  Look at your goal everyday.  Put your fitness goals on a sticky note and put it on your fridge, restroom mirror, anywhere you will see it everyday.  Look at it, believe it, and DO IT!!!



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