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January 6, 2015
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January 15, 2015

I know why you hate the gym!


The gym is a place where most people gather with one thing in mind, to get in shape, to become physically fit.  There are many people that want this same goal, but they HATE going to the gym. Well let’s address some of the reasons.

1) The gym is boring. The gym can sometimes be generic and mundane.  Here are some things to spice it up.  Try new exercises, try a new machine, try new classes, play a sport in the gym.  Many people go to the gym and do their typical routine, time after time.  Not only does this get boring, the body gets adjusted to these routines and your results will decline.  Get off the treadmill, try some free weights, work a new muscle. In a typical gym there are many different pieces of equipment you should make a effort to try these equipment.  If you don’t know how to use the equipment ask a trainer, they are usually happy to help.

2) Seems like your wasting your time. Many times people feel like their wasting their time when they are not seeing any results.  Ask yourself these questions. Do you know how to build muscle? Do you know how to burn fat?  Do you have goals and know how to reach them?  Check out my post on MUSCLE BUILDING FORMULA, and 3 REASONS YOU DON’T HAVE A 6PACK  these post will give you  direction in the gym.  The main reason it seems like your wasting your time in the gym is because you don’t have a concise plan when you come into the gym.  A plan starts with a goal, then the execution of the plan.  Also a trainer could help with having a direction in the gym.

3) You don’t like the soreness.  After a good workout you should feel a considerable amount of soreness in your muscles.  In order to build muscle soreness is a requirement, so feeling sore is something you have to adjust to.  In order to reduce the soreness in your muscle you should stretch before and after your workouts.  Also using a foam roller, or using a tennis ball on your sore muscle helps to reduce soreness.  A massage is another good way to release tension in the muscles.

4) It’s tiring.  Going to the gym and working out drains a lot of energy and rightly so it is tasking on your body.  But we all know that the best and deepest sleeps you get are after a good workout!  Also exercising can give you energy throughout the day.  Doing muscle building exercises provides the body with extra energy.

5) You don’t feel like going.  Sometimes we get home from work flop on the couch and begin watching TV.  We plan on going to the gym but after an hour of watching TV we don’t feel like going anymore.  In order to avoid these situations go to the gym before you get to a comfortable place such as your house, office, etc.  You should have your gym bag inside your car with all the necessary gym essentials.

6) The gym makes you anxious.  The gym should be a friendly place for you.  It a place where you can get lost in your thoughts and get away from the stressor of life.  One thing that can help you to relax is to listen to your favorite songs, also reading a book can help you relax in the gym.  When you go to the gym always have new music in your listening device, so you can always look forward to listening to your favorite artist, or that album you’ve been so ready to jam.  Also your anxiety can result from the lack of knowledge of how to use the equipment.  You should ask a trainer at the gym about any questions you have about the proper way to use the equipment.

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