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January 15, 2015
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January 20, 2015

More Protein, or NOT????


Protein supplements can be a benefit if you want to build more muscle but it can also be the reason why you can’t burn that FAT.

The muscles are made of protein, so in order for muscles to grow it needs more protein.  This fact is what drives the billion dollar industry of protein supplements and the protein craze.   The truth about building muscle is not that SIMPLE.  Yes, protein is required to build muscles but if your body does not use the protein in the body, the extra protein is stored as fat.  The body uses energy by burning the carbohydrates in the body first, then it burns the fat  next, and it burns the protein last.  The body does not want to use the protein as energy but it is forced to as a last resort to get energy, essentially the body eating itself.  This is the reason why a person with a low body percent fat, body fat 7% or lower in men, 17% or lower in women, find it difficult to build muscle.  They have little energy i.e fat for the body to use, so when they are working out, the energy that the body needs is taken from the muscle. When the body breaks down the muscles (protein),  the muscle does not grow. So in this case protein supplements would be a good resolution, with protein supplements the body will have enough protein to build up muscles after working out.

So what if you have HIGH BODY PERCENT FAT?

When we workout i.e  strength train, we break down our muscles.  The muscles then use energy from carbohydrates or fat, to repair the muscles.  When the body repairs the muscles the muscles grow back bigger and stronger.

Now if you are a person that has a substantial amount of fat, body fat 15% or higher for men, 25% or higher for women,  you do not need to take protein supplements. The protein supplements that you take are more likely to turn into fat, what the body does not use it turns it into fat. If the body has enough energy supply in the body, i.e fat while you are strength training you will build endless muscle.  The carbohydrates and fats that are in your body, when you a good amount of body percent fat, are enough to provide energy to your muscles.  Protein supplements come in handy when your body is breaking down your muscles for energy because you don’t have enough energy(fat). So put down the protein supplements, and pick up the weights.

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