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January 1, 2015

The Muscle Building Formula


Millions of people go into their fitness clubs every week looking to GAIN MUSCLES!  Even woman want to gain muscle but it is called, GETTING TONED.  Even though people are well intention they are often misinformed and more times than not disappointed at their muscle building result.  They either don’t gain muscle or gain little muscle and therefore see little change in their physique. If I am talking to you, well I have good NEWS, this article gives the formula on how to gain muscle, track the growth of muscle, and how to maintain and increase muscle growth.  So lets answer some questions.

1)  How often do I workout?  In order to gain muscle you should exercise a particular muscle a minimum of twice a week and a maximum of three times a week, with a rest day between each workout day.  Not giving your body enough rest can lead to injury, which of course works against your muscle gaining goal.

2) How hard do I workout the muscle?  You should always work your muscle to failure (until you cannot do anymore), and do that for 3 sets.  There are two ways to reach muscle failure, using heavy weight and lifting only a few times, or using light weight and lifting many times. What is considered heavy weight you may ask?  Heavy weight is a weight that you can lift 5x or less.  What is considered light weight and lifting many times?  It is a weight that you can lift more than 10x before failure of the muscle. Using heavy weight helps build up your muscle strength which gives bulkier muscles.  Strength gains can be tracked as you monitor  the increase of  the heavy weight every week.  Lifting lighter weight helps you build up muscle endurance, tone muscles.  Using both lifting methods helps build overall strength.

3)FOOD FOOD FOOD!  Does what I eat affect my muscle building ability? YES.  If you eat incorrectly it will be more difficult for you to gain muscle, your muscle gains will be minimal, or you will gain muscle but you will not be able to see the muscle under all of that FAT!  First important eating tip is portion control you should never stuff yourself to sleepiness.  When you are done eating you should feel satisfied and have the energy to go about your daily activity.  When eating to gain muscle you should double your protein intake and cut in half your carbohydrate intake.  Basically make protein your entree and carbs your side dish.  The types of protein you eat should be lean meats, along with plant proteins such as beans, spinach, etc.  The type of carbs that you eat should be natural carbs such as brown pasta, brown rice, vegetables, fruits.



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