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How to Stay Discipline in a World Filled with so many Obstacles

Discipline is one of the hardest things to do in life.  Discipline, most of the time, is imposed on us, not something that we volunteer to do.  The example of things that we are “forced’ to do, whether happy or sad, are things like, go to work, taking care of our kids, taking care of our parents, etc.  We must evaluate how these situations “force” us to be disciplined and try to apply these reasons to fitness. 

Having a greater purpose

When you have a grandiose plan, a plan that is bigger than yourself, you tend to work harder and work more consistently, even when you don’t feel like it.  An example of a fitness grandiose plan is, staying fit to be a good representative for your community, or to be an inspiration to your children, or you want to be 85 years old active and fit, etc.  You must think about one thing or multiple things that you can latch on to, that will drive you for the next 20 years or 30 years to stay in shape.  This mindset is similar to the mindset that you have at work.  Mostly everyone is working a job for a better future.  We all need to pay our bills in the moment, but we all have hopes to do something better in the future, so that’s why we go to work when we don’t feel like it, or when we are having a tough mental day, fitness should be the same.

Understanding that it’s a Job, not Fun

Many people have the delusion that you workout when you have plenty of time, or when you feel good, or when you find a fun type of exercise.  This is not reality, it is a plus or cherry on top, when you have lots of time, or you find a type of exercise that you love, but if none of these things ever happen, it’s still your duty to exercise.  It’s just like a job, even if you don’t find a job that you love, or if you have a busy schedule outside of work, it’s still your duty to go to work.  It’s a plus to find a job that you love, but it’s not a requirement to go to work.  The reason is because paying bills and taking care of yourself and or your kids is that important.  This should be the mentality you have with taking care of your body.  This is the only mentality that will work to maintain a fit life for 20 to 30 years, just like you work for 20 to 30 years.

Making New Friends

Being around discipline friends will help you become more discipline in whatever new endeavor you are trying to accomplish.  When you are around discipline people and you see how they are fighting through their obstacles and still making progress, this will eventually rub off on you.  Many times, we look at our obstacles like the biggest in the world, but when you are around people that go through obstacles but still prioritize fitness, that should encourage you.  You will be able to tap into that person mentality and incorporate some of the mentality into yourself.  Also, that person can give you some tips and tricks on how they accomplish their fitness goals, like organizational tips, workout tips, food tips, etc.  It can be difficult to make new friends so following people on social media can also help tap into positive vibes.  But do not follow people that just post pictures that makes their life look “perfect”, follow people that give real stories that tell how they overcome certain obstacles, they should things that you can learn from and incorporate into your life.

Having timelines

You should have timelines for your short-term goals. In order to have a educated timeline you will need to do research.  If you want to lose weight, it is normal to lose 4 to 10lbs a month, if you want to tone up you can expect significant muscle growth every 3 months.  If you have a correct timeline you can focus on the discipline that you need to reach that goal.  If your timeline is not realistic you will become discouraged when things are not working the way you thought they were going to work.  You should also have long term timelines. In long term timelines you can afford to dream bigger, because for long term goals you never fully know your potential.  The long-term goals are a learning process about yourself, but you should have one to keep you going in the right direction.

Having a No Excuse Mentality

In this fitness journey there are many legitimate reasons that will derail you from exercising or eating healthy.  But even for the best of reason, you should not stop living a healthy lifestyle.  If you allow yourself one good reason to stop exercising, then you will allow yourself another good reasons the next time, because “good” is very relative term.  You will ultimately be inconsistent with exercise and or eating healthy. Habits are built by doing things through the good times and the bad times. Habits are especially built when you practice them through the bad times.  Your mentality should be, whether it’s a good reason or a bad reason, it’s all excuses and it’s all unacceptable. If you can adapt this mentality, you will be much more discipline and consistent.

I’m proud to be a woman!

Dropping the Victim Mentality

In life you may go through a lot of difficult things and sometimes it is not your fault and you can be a victim.  Dropping the victim mentality is not saying you were not a victim, it’s about removing the victim “mindset”.  You can actually be a victim but not view yourself as a victim, you can view yourself as a fighter, you should view yourself as an inspiration.  It is difficult, if not impossible to defeat obstacles in life, when you are feeling sorry for yourself.  Fitness requires you to fight for yourself and that’s difficult to do if you are feeling sorry for yourself.  If you have a fighter’s mentality, you will be able to be much better disciplined.  If you are finding it hard to remove the victim mentality, it could help to find inspiration from other people that have gone through equally or even more difficult things and succeeded.  But if you are not able shed the victim mentality you should talk to a professional.

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